My Very First Blog Post

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Well I don't know if anyone will ever read this blog, but I hope for it to be an insight into my slightly confuddled brain via ramblings...

I love everything retro and vintage. I also love tattoos and tattoo culture. I have also just began sewing (living my dream of being an amazing seamstress!). This will hopefully feed into my attempt at not buying any clothes for the next year. I have also been inspired by the people doing their 'Make do and Mend' year and the 'Love What you Wear' year. I'm attempting to try and join them! Although I don't know if I will be as super committed as them, I will sure try my best! I hope this blog will be a mixture of my thoughts on all these different subjects! 

I've just finished two short sewing and dressmaking courses and have produced a skirt and a dress. I am about to embark on my first solo project (eep!) which will be a vintage pattern, similar to a Collectif skirt I found (the plain buttoned suit skirt). 

My sister has also placed her order for a shorter version of the half circle skirt I made at my class so hopefully I can remember how that all went! 

I just got back from a visit home today and on my way back I managed to get myself a gorgeous sewing desk (unfortunately its not very vintage) and two lovely vintage chairs :) They came from an administrative place that was closing down, so they were offering up all their office desks and workstations. One of the chairs will be for the desk and the other will be in my bedroom (hopefully for a dressing table Christmas present my boyfriend hinted at!)

I think I won today :) They're pretty sweet! And believe it or not it was the smallest desk!

I have also spent the evening ordering sewing supplies of Jaycotts :) Measuring tapes and needles and all that jazz. I better get good at all this!

Bye for now!

Emma x
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