Going Deep... Hems

Monday, 6 April 2015

Hi Guys,

Today I'm pondering a question... Why do people hate on topstitched hems? I've done handstitched and topstitiched and to be honest, I lean towards topstitched more often than not. And somehow I feel bad for it!

To be honest, I like how they look. I just do. And as neat as my handstitching is, I don't trust it's longevity. Stitches are going to pop! And sometimes handstitching doesn't feel as secure as I would like, especially for a really deep hem. Herringbone or Slipstitch - it doesn't matter. It's feels all the same to me.

I was sewing this dress this weekend, and I really tossed and turned about the hem. Should I - Shouldn't I?

In the end I decided that I quite liked the definition the topstitching would bring, so I topstitched it. And I did it at the deep 4.5cm end of the hem. And I really like it!

I had eased the fabric slightly with the overlocking. I also made tiny pleats that I pinned in place to ease the excess as I pinned the hem up. I pressed it all in place and then topstitched from the outside. From the inside the pleats are visible but from the outside it looks lovely and smooth.

Now I'm not saying I would topstitch in every circumstance. I would sway more to handstitching for armholes and necklines where possible; and in a different colour or fabric I would still definitely consider it on a case by case basis, even after liking this version.

I just feel that topstitching a hem is nothing to be ashamed of! Let the topstitching roam free!!

How do you guys feel?

Emmie xx

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