About Me

Hi! I'm Emmie :)

I have wanted to sew and create my own clothes since I was a little girl.
I even dreamed of it being my career, but being the overly sensible person I have always been, I chose a career with a monthly salary. (Boo!)

My mum showed me the ropes with a vintage Singer sewing machine when I was growing up and I did small repairs on my own clothes, until they bought me a sewing machine and mannequin when I was 17 for my Christmas/Birthday presents.

I tried to make amazing things, just draping them on the dress form (let's just say that didn't work out!) and I think there is still a 13 layer tulle skirt floating about somewhere (with a highly precarious zip!). And it was in my 'rainbow' phase so its also multicoloured!

After that I decided that I would finish my studies and then enroll in a proper sewing course, and my dressform only displayed whatever dress was my flavour of the month. 

4 years late, I finally took a class, and I've been hooked ever since!

Now, I'm working on sewing up everything I've ever dreamed of (and there are seven 30L boxes of fabric sharing my living room - whoops). Hope you join me on my journey!

And maybe someday I'll realise my dream of working in something crafty :)

Happy sewing!

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