Pattern Stash

These are all the patterns in my collection. 
Some I bought online, most I bought in massive sales, some on eBay, some I inherited
(Some came in job lots so don't judge!)
 Sometimes I look and I think its huge, but its never enough!

And I also have a few Sewing Books with Patterns


  1. You have some good patterns there, happy to have discovered your blog :)

  2. Such a lovely collection of patterns and I love the way you've catalogued them. It makes it so much easier to keep track of what you have. I need to do the same.

  3. We have quite a few of the same patterns you and I! And you have inspired me to log mine somehow so I can remember what I have. I am forever getting a new pattern then realised I could have adapted an old one.

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  5. Is one of these what you used to make the Bette dress? I would *love* to make one (at least)! We have a couple of the same paaterns, none of which I've sewn. Alas.

    Thanks so much!


I really adore reading your comments :)

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