More Vintage Goodies!! (Warning - Patterns!)

Saturday, 31 August 2013

Hi guys,

I know what you're thinking. Emmie, stop buying shit, and sew something. Also, don't you already have a shed-load of patterns? When are you going to get around to sewing the ones you already have...

Or maybe you're not thinking that, because you guys are like me! 
But I'm sure that's what Mr.G is thinking. 

I swear I have been! I have a couple of UFO's hanging around that I need to get to finishing. 
I'm not that bad at putting in zips, so I don't know why I avoid them for so long. I would do it today, as Mr.G is off playing golf, but I've been invited for a wine & cheese afternoon. 
I thought it was an evening, but no, it's starting at about 2pm!

But I digress, you came here for Goodies... scroll on for the parade of dresses (with a couple of blouses thrown in for good measure)

And how did these fall into my lap. Well Laurie from Sew Exhausted bought her own parade, and when I stole a glance at Vintage Martini I was sold. Prices are so good, and when you have you're own personal enabler, what other way could the story end. Thanks again Laurie, I love them all!!

And further to that, I had my lovely Mammy visiting me, and when I took her to my favourite little vintage shop, I ended up coming home with some lovely cast iron Iron's (to use as pattern weights)....

And a lovely cantilever sewing box :)

This month I have also acquired some new scissors, which were cheap and appear to be nice and sharp! And a couple of rotary cutters. That's all, I swear. That's all I can remember anyways.

Just a little side note for all you out there who struggle to store their patterns... I spotted the most perfect little storage boxes in Wilkinsons today (although I forgot to go back and get them). I think they were these ones. The picture shows them from the side, but they are the right width for standard sized patterns I think (I have no idea what I am going to do with the large sized repro-vintage Vogue ones).


Emmie xx


  1. Great choice if patterns -I love the 1940'S shirtwaisters. Well done for finding the little sewing box - they are so useful for storing bits and bobs.

  2. Fabulous haul, well done! I am currently on a fabric buying ban but no-one said anything about patterns, so I may have to check out Vintage Martini.

  3. Careful with customs! Unless you have your own enabler of course! They have too many beautiful patterns

  4. A Stitching Odyssey31 August 2013 at 20:09

    What an excellent it all!

  5. Fantastic patterns, I bought some this week from Simplicity's half price sale. A couple of them were vintage/retro reproductions. Looking forward to seeing some of yours made up.

  6. Ooooh dude I am so jealous of this bunch of goodies. I am going to have to go running and whining to lovely Laurie to hook me up too. Can't wait to see this lot made up.

  7. Wow, great haul! I saw the sale at Vintage Martini but practised restraint and didn't purchase anything. But, now I may go back to the site and see what they have left. That sewing box is amazing!

  8. ooh so many lovely patterns :) also sewing spending doesn't count as spending because that's what the sewing Gods say ;-)

  9. Beautiful sewing box! And great tip on the wilko storage boxes. I've got all mine in one cardboard one at the minute that's fit to burst and falling apart!


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