Mr. Tailor Man... Part.2 !

Saturday, 19 October 2013

Hi Guys,

So, I got up really early this morning (well, 8am) to get down to the tailors shop and see if he kept my extra goodies aside... I had meant to go last week, but with all the excitement of joining Rachel's sewing club, I forgot, and it was almost time for him to close.

Mr.G forced me to get up earlier than I wanted and head down. Thankfully he still remembered me, and had left the bits that we had discussed aside for me in the back.

So... these are the boxes I picked up. Can anyone guess what's inside? SewBrooke maybe?


Its a never-ending zip! 

I don't know about you guys, but my mind was kind of blown when I saw this! It completely makes sense, but it never occurred to me that this existed! 

Oh and there wasn't just one.

Because there were 5 boxes, but only 1 bag of runners for the zips, he didn't want to split them up. I was FORCED into buying them ALL! Oh well - MOAR ZIPS FOR ME! So I've got olive green, navy, beige, tan and grey I think? No black which was a bummer! Thankfully I want to get into lapped zips and move away from invisible. He also gave me a little lesson in how to thread the runner on :)

 I could literally cover everything I own in zips for the rest of my life and still have zip left over. 
There's like 200 yards a box. I own, like, a kilometre of zip.
Yes I just mixed imperial and metric for some unknown reason.

My next exciting purchase, another thing I've never seen before...

A jacket pressing board! Its so cool, and such a decent size and shape to drape a garment over.
And even cooler, it might be fancy in the front..

But there's a party in the back.

It has an extractor fan to draw the moisture out of the jacket when pressing it!!

 I assume this would be pretty necessary when you're using one of those crazy professional steam irons. Maybe I'll manage an upgrade someday!

I just think it looks shit cool.

I also bought a yard of thick blue fabric to cover the sleeve board from last time - it's the kind of stuff that he had covered his own board with. Now I've stroked it for a while I'm sort of tempted to go back and get one of the longer lengths to make a dress with.. Maybe the red. Argh, I have no control.

I also bought a piece of tweed that I was drooling over last time. It's not Harris, but its beautiful. It's Holland & Sherry, if that means anything to anyone? There was a piece of Harris but it wasn't very long, and I wasn't feeling the colourway. I stroked some other pieces of fabric but held back. Although I want to go back for that red now. Can't get it out of my head!!

I also picked up the remainder of this card of buttons with anchors on them (Mr.G made me). And he also managed to persuade me to give a home to one of his pairs of shears.

They look old and worn, but they are sharp!

He must be so happy I walked in off the street a few weeks ago.

I am!


Emmie xx


  1. WOW! That is a lot of zippers!!!!!

  2. I love your new things (this post & the 1st one) - such a lucky, lucky girl :)

  3. That is an impressive haul - you are not going to run out of zips any time soon! :)

  4. Nope! Zips all round!

  5. I know, right? Nuts. I'm surprised I found somewhere to put them!

  6. Awh thanks... my purse may not be as happy as I am!


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