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Monday, 11 August 2014

Hey Guys, 

So, in all of my faffing about, I did actually finish something. Who would've thought it.
It was my Dad's birthday when I was at home there a couple of weeks ago, and I decided that maybe my Dad should have something made by me - seen as I've made things for my Mam and sister (although, those bags I made for Christmas are basically worn to death at this stage - nice to know they got good use, but not a great advertisement of my skills!)

So while wracking my brains, I thought - why don't we be sensible and make him something that he will get good use of? And seen as my Dad is a chef, I thought there would be nothing better than a good old Chef's Apron - or Butcher's Apron as the case may be.

And I'm sorry, but it turned out f**king awesome.

I used the Butcher's Apron pattern from the first Great British Sewing Bee book. The pattern doesn't look too inspiring but it turns out a damn fine apron.

I made the apron from some pinstriped denim I had stashed from our sewing club. The place that we used to hold our club in was shutting down, and they had been donated a bolt of it from the local fashion college so I got myself about 1.5m of it. I think Rachel got some too, and a lady that does upholstering took the rest.

I'm super glad I did, although I don't know why I took it as I don't think I would've worn it! I have a habit of stashing free stuff for the sake of it. I'm a out and out hoarder.

It was the extra details I put into the apron that made me really happy. I made the bias binding from the denim and I made sure to match all the stripes, which looked great :) 

The only thing I wish I had done was to make opposing bias binding for either side of the neckline. As it is, the stripes run in a continuous line, when they may have looked better mirrored. Oh well, no harm, no foul!

I bought some lovely D-Rings on eBay to really give it that extra pizazz, and they are really good quality and have a great weight to them. To be honest, I chose the eBay seller that gave free 1st class delivery (how does anyone make money doing this??) as I was kind of down to the wire with this - of course.

In my defense, I thought I had the rings but they turned out to be far too big.

I also took really good care to ensure the stripes were running straight up and down, and that the hemming was even. It's the little things that really show up in a simple make like this!

I also added a lovely big pocket, and on Mr.G's instruction, I ensured that it was low enough to suit sticking your hands in at their full extension. And believe you me, that is actually important.

I also ran a line of stitching up and down either side of the centre pinstripe. It works so much better as a double pocket. And of course, stripe matching to the point that the pocket is damn-near invisible.

I edgestitched all around the bias-binding to secure it onto the apron. It runs all along the sides of the apron to form both the ties and the neck of the apron. I think this is what makes it a Butcher's apron possibly?

I didn't clip any curves, I just eased the bias-binding around the curve and stitched both sides together.

Just popped a scissors in to show the pocket! Nice and deep!

The strangest thing about the apron, is how it feel's when you put it on. It looks nice and all, but when you put it on, you don't want to take it off! It's happened to everyone that has put it on!

My only concern about the apron when it was finished, was that the neckline seemed really low, even when pulled to it's tightest. But the first thing my Dad said was that the neckline was good! Apparently it shouldn't be too high, you get awful hot in a kitchen if the neckline is too high. And I guess for the most part you're trying to protect your waist and lower parts from hot spills as well as general foodie grime.

He wore it to work that very evening! And apparently he got lots of compliments, and the other chef even said it was very professional looking. 

And I think I now have orders for my bro and Mr.G too. 

And I think they would also make a pretty awesome sewing apron, a la our aprons at the Sewing Bee :)

Well there you have it. One Chef's apron.

Maybe someday soon you may see the things that have been waiting to get up here since like June.
Since when did I fall so behind??


Emmie xx


  1. This looks fantastic! You've definitely inspired me to make my long planned Sewing apron!!

  2. Brilliant! I demand some pictures of your dad wearing it!

  3. I know I'm gutted I didn't get one! My little sis is working with him at the moment though so I'll get her to get a picture!

  4. It's so easy and so worth it!


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