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Friday, 23 January 2015

Hey Guys!

God it's been quiet round these parts. I have a few things on the go at the moment - a skirt I need to get closer on the invisible zip before I take pics (hazards of contrasting zips), a dress which began life as a muslin that I need to finish handpicking a zip into, a cut out cardigan - and I'm trying to psyche myself up to get started on that coat! 

I have two patterns I'm going back and forth about but I need to get started either way...

But my most recent finished make was a selfless one - another sewing machine pad and organiser!

I don't know if you guys remember my Secret Santa gift for Winnie at the Sewist Christmas party?

Picture from Winnie's Instagram

Well our Sewing Club had a Post-Christmas Lunch where we swapped Secret Santa presents too, and of course the first thing that came to mind in my attempt to stashbust was another Sewing Machine organiser made from some red polka dot home-dec fabric I had to use up :)

Polka Dots!!

It turned out really well actually (especially seen as I cut out most of the pieces without measurements. The only thing I checked was the width I had cut the main pieces before cutting out the pockets). As I mentioned before, I got the general idea from a Cath Kidston book project, but I only saw the picture. I made up the rest as I went along. It's pretty simples though.

It doesn't sit so well on my stupidly round table! I've got my eyes peeled to swap it out for a square or small rectangular one. I hate trying to fit four chairs around a three footed pedestal. Who thought that was a good idea?? And it tips over if you put anything heavy over the edges between feet. Stupid table. But check out my awesome IKEA Raskog! Literally my favourite thing in the house at the moment.

I made a deep pocket layer for rulers and markers and a shallow pocket layer for seam rippers and chalk liners.

I clearly did not attempt any spot matching.

I patched the pockets onto the main pad so the layers ended up pretty thick. Thankfully the machine powered through as I couldn't find my hump-jumper.

I drew the diagonal lines with water soluble marker before I quilted the diagonal lines. I found that the padding squidged up inside the pad in places and left a few bumps. You can see that it shows up in the centre of the back of the sewing pad in the picture below. Thats why I used that side as the back.

I evenly spaced the central pocket stitching and made sure to some back-tacking at the tops of each pocket edge.

And the best thing? The club member who got it was really happy! So glad you liked it Jacq!!

P.S The meal was AH-mazing. I need to go back there for a Sunday roast. I know I'm not a massive meat eater, but look at this.


I had the Mushroom risotto and that was also awesome.

Well, I shall get onto finishing something!

Emmie x


  1. I want one! I made myself a quilted pad to stop my machine rattling so much, but the pockets make it next-level useful. I think I have the Cath Kidston sew book, will have to dig it out. Or find myself doing a secret santa with you sometime ;)

  2. I'm delighted with it - thank you. Polka dots are my favourite, it goes with my phone cover in the photo! And I'd certainly recommend the roast :) x


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