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Monday, 16 February 2015

Hey Guys,

So this is what I had to deal with Sunday morning! There was some organisational retructuring to say the very least.

For a while now, I've been trying to decide the best way to reorganise my stash in the limited space we have in the living room. I was having a hard time working out where to fit anything else in among the already stuffed plastic storage boxes scattered and stacked about the room (three either side of the TV, four under the desk and not forgetting the stack on the Expedit cube and other bits stuffed in other nooks and crannys).

So the boy decided it would be best to buy a wardrobe to resolve our storage issues. So we purchased an IKEA Pax wardrobe to fit in the alcove. And spent all Valentine's day putting it together (Awwwww).

Erego the mess. We had to pull a lot of stuff out, including the cube, the plastic boxes and all the fabric on top of it (and clean behind it of course). And we needed the space to actually put the stupid thing together! Of course then Sunday was about making this wardrobe my haven (while the boy went off galavanting and playing golf).

I filled it with five shelves and a basket. 

Also *cough* I have a confession. 

I'm sure you can't have missed all the talk about the John Lewis fabric sale. Well, um, I sort of had a crazy binge. Over three visits.

Let the lovely new wardrobe act as a display for my shame!

So there you have it! Except that's not all of the confession.

So, I apparently have more fabric than I thought, seen as the wardrobe was easily filled.

Holy Shitballs

Terrifying and beautiful!

I spent my Sunday refolding all of the fabric to fit the depth of the wardrobe (trying to be space efficient).

Lets take a tour!

Top shelf is curtains I had intended to use for something (but may give away) and a tub of fabric for the next fabric swap. Then some small tubs of scraps.

Second shelf is mostly my tailoring fabrics (tweeds, wool blends, etc). Some random knits rolled down the side.

Third shelf is my cottons and other pretty dress fabrics.

Fourth is my heavyweight coatings, flannel, heavy knits, velvet and denims.


Fifth shelf is my scrap tub and my Husquvarna sewing machine.

Pull basket is full of pretty largish scraps, fat quarters and future Minerva kits!

And there we have it! All hidden from view and with an awesome mirrored door too!! So so excited to have a full length mirror.

And just in case you were wondering what happened the Expedit cube - it joined its friend at the other alcove! It all holds my other sewing bits, notions, patterns and other scraps from the Tailor Man.

I put some grippy dots under the edges of the front corners of the top cube as it was sliding a bit!

My mannequin also lives here and thankfully there's some space on top for some of my handbags, I was getting stressed about finding a home for them!

Next, I need to replace the round dining table with a square one. It will be so much more stable and a more sensible shape - I lose so much space with the circle and all the chairs poking out at funny angles.

So do you guys have any other suggestions for good storage ideas? I'm tired of living in a bomb site!

But I'm getting there :)

p.s. I also want to say thanks for all of the love on my last couple of posts - you have no idea how much it meant to me!

Emmie xx



  1. Is that Hemmingway Design fabrics I see in the John Lewis haul? Because if that was in the sale, then, frankly, it would have been criminal not to buy it! Your cupboard looks brilliant, and, ooh, so many gorgeous fabrics. As much as sorting out stuff is always a complete pain in the bum, the results are always so pleasing.

  2. What a great stash, and that John Lewis fabric is gorgeous. I am going to have the same organisational problem soon. Moving house from where I can keep the fabric in my Mum's granny flat like room, to a one bedroom flat. Will need to get creative quick!

    1. Whoops for the fabric splurge! I am hoping John lewis will have some left when I can get there tomorrow or weds! That looks super organised. We are about to turn our teeny utility room into a sewing space for me and intending to put expedit (well whatever the new version is called) on the wall for fabric. I hope I don't have quite as much as you but I suspect it will be pretty much the same!

  3. By the power of Greyskull! What a stash!

  4. My gosh! My sewing room is tiny and looks like the before picture. I need to get organised and find a way to store my stash better. I think a trip to Ikea is in order :P

  5. Wow - you may have a lot of fabric, but at least it's all so pretty!

  6. I love the organization! I made a trip to Ikea yesterday with organization in mind......let's see what happens, I'm afraid to look at my stash all in one place LOL.

  7. Looking at your stash is like peeking behind net curtains. Awesome job on the big tidy up.

  8. What a great stash cabinet! And what a great stash you have. Love all of that material!

  9. Great idea to have a mirror to check for fit and stuff. You have made quite a splurge! Jo x


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