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Sunday, 17 February 2013

Hi, long time no blog!

I have been making a list of blogs to write up so hopefully I won't lapse for so long next time.
This post has to do with my holiday in Devon, and a small obsession that I finally let come to fruition.

As I grew up in Ireland, and only moved to the UK about 3 years ago, I hadn't really heard of 'Afternoon Tea' or cream tea in general. I think I had heard the words mentioned here and there as my mother watched ITV on our very limited channel selection when I was growing up. Since I moved to the UK, and my love (and access to) all things vintage has grown, I have fallen in love with the idea of Afternoon tea, and in particular, the vintage china with which it must be hosted.

I started my collection with quite a few cake stands (although they are mostly used for jewellery, etc). However that clearly wasn't going to be enough, and I started trawling though eBay looking at vintage teacups and the like. After a bad experience with a broken cake stand from eBay, and what with the price people were asking for each trio (which I could maybe have justified if it wasn't for the postage price on top) I managed to keep myself in check. I had a few wobbly moments when people were selling massive job lots after their vintage weddings but my boyfriend managed to talk me around. 

But then he bought me a vintage sideboard for Christmas with lovely display cabinets on either side and I have been dying to put some china in it.

I haven't actually got it in the flat yet (hopefully this afternoon) but this is the picture he gave me.

We went to Devon on holiday this past week and found a beautiful antiques shop in Topsham. It was so big, and was spread over 3 very large floors. Of course my eyes were searching for all the china, but with each trio priced at £6.50 to £10, to get myself a decent set of randoms was going to be expensive. I considered an entire set that was £32 but I didn't love it enough, and really wanted them all to be mostly individuals. 

On our second last day we stumbled across the cutest little town, with all independent shops called Totnes. I really loved it there, and as we only had an hour to look around I insisted we come back again in the morning. And boy was I glad I did! We were walking around when out of nowhere a market appeared... and down the back of the market was a proper flea market, full of the most random crap you could imagine. My eyes started searching and eventually I found some! I got 4 trios (cup, saucer, sideplate) for £5! And I presuaded him to throw in a lonely cup with two saucers as well. I was so chuffed! There were a couple of other bits I was interested in, a couple of cool Japanese cups and saucers with Japanese men sword fighting on them (although I then noticed there was the guts of a fell set, and I didn't want every piece but I felt bad to split it up and my hands were full so I had to leave it behind. Sad face.) At this stage my boyfriend was getting antsy to move on so I left with what I had.

This is one of the four trios!!

The story should end there really, but then comes the bit about self control! On my last night in Devon, I went to see a Burlesque show, featuring Anna fur Laxis and Eliza DeLite. I got to meet the girls after, and Eliza mentioned that she had been to a secondhand/antiques shop in my town that she liked. I myself had only been in there once, but hadn't been super impressed. On my way home from Devin we stopped in town for lunch, and the place we had lunch in happened to be beside the shop so I decided to take a mosey in and see what it was like. 

No I don't know if I had been in a bad mood the first time I went, or if they had changed their stock intake, but dear god there was china as far as my eyes could see. My next item on the list had been a teapot, and I spotted one straight away that I loved. Now at this point I hadn't seen any prices so I wasn't holding out much hope, but I turned the ticket... £7! I mentally filed it to take to the till, but kept looking. And then came the semi loss of self control. I saw so much, and each trio I wanted was £3-3.50. And there were baskets on the floor full of individual plates and saucers for £1.
 I couldn't stop myself. 
Even when he was taking what I wanted out of the cabinets I kept choosing more. 
And then when I got back to the car I realised that I had forgotten a couple, so I went back.
And I bought more than what I had forgotten.

So I now have in total, after a total of two days. And £43.

1 Teapot (although now I think I need another)
1 Milk jug
1 Sugar bowl
11 Teacups
14 Saucers
12 Sideplates

And of course, I need to finish it so that everything has a companion, clearly. 

And here are pictures of everything. Some of them are complete trios, some are not. I just laid it all out of the bags, so they may not even be with their correct match but I like how they are almost all interchangeable!!

I think they are all beautiful. But I don't know where its all going to fit. Which scares me because I want more!!

Does anyone want to come to my tea party??


  1. Love the eclectic mix!

    Following your blog through Bloglovin'... can't wait to see you write more :D

    Bundana x

  2. I'll come to a tea party : ) What a lovely collection you have :) I'm collecting well trying to collect al tgerr Brambly Hedge cups and saucers. X

  3. Would be great...but maybe a tad far to travel for a tea party. What a nice start to your collection! My husbands grandma and aunts had beautiful collections...so many that we all made our selections to keep and parted with the rest.At times I wonder why did we part with them then at the same time how could we possibly keep them all...
    Glad to see you back...and looking forward to reading more.


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