Birmingham Fabric Haul

Monday, 24 June 2013

Hi all,

Just wanted to show you all the beautiful preciousssssesss that I got in Birmingham last weekend between the shops and the swap!

First of all, we had Barry's Fabrics. It was like walking into a heavenly planet! There were so many rolls of fabric, I spent the first 15 mins just walking up and down the aisles. Up and down. Up and down.
(trying not to trip up any of the other 30 sewists along the way!)

Eventually I found a cream cotton with roses that caught my eye, but it was £10/m and I didn't love it enough to justify the cash.

But then I stumbled across this beautiful heavy cotton stretch sateen (I think!) in a lovely cream and mauve floral swirl. I decided to get 3 metres. At £4.95/m it was definitely worth it!

Then I decided to pick up these beautiful checks. They looked so vintage, I couldn't help but picture the garments that they could create!

Then, as I was getting everything cut, I mentioned I had been looking for some Broiderie Anglaise (after some inspiration on the train from Elisalex), and I was taken a beautiful array! I had been looking for a simple white eyelet one, but I came across these beautiful embroidered ones. And in a Lemon and Pale Mint. They will be wonderful sundresses.

I love love love them! And thankfully you wonderful people let me cut back into the queue to finish off! My dodgy shoulders could hardly take any more carrying bolts of fabric! 

I was pleasantly surprised when 10% was taken off the bill, the girls had negotiated a super deal.
And that was my race winnings gone in one fell swoop... 3/m of the sateen and 2/m of the other four came to £49.00 after discount. And all wide rolls. Amazing.

At Cafe Soya, we had a wonderful lunch, and an even better swap.. Tables piled high with fabric and patterns.

Claire was the chairperson of the swap!

I brought a few bits of fabric that I had no use for, and a couple of patterns. One girls trash is another's treasure! I only took a couple of pieces of fabric to begin with, but after a while it became clear that some other cute bits weren't moving so I took a couple more. I have more than enough patterns!

This is what I picked up. I sometimes can't believe that people could let them go!

 I really love the green patterned piece in the back, very vintage. I know the green polka dot was from Amy. Thanks Amy! She had a cute little label on with the length noted. Something to remember to do next time! 
The blue fabric is nice and heavy and I think I'm going to make a diyCouture cape from it. I also really like the ivory lace. The pink is lovely but when I was putting it away I noticed it has dark tracing markings all over the back. Hopefully they come out in the wash??

I was actually just about to sign off the blog post here - but I've just remembered that I've forgotten the best bits!!

In the rag market, I basically came across this stall as soon as I walked in. He had the most amazing heavy cottons, and I had an internal mental war over spending! I had to walk away, but I couldn't stay away.
 Let's just say that they are on my credit card.
 At £10/m, it was the most I've ever spent per/m on fabric, but there's no way I could leave them behind.

Maps! In olden language, and in a beautiful muted tone. I got the last of the roll. Ooooohhh yeah.

And these beautiful China patterns. They are the most beautiful shades. I was trying to choose between for so long but I just had to get them both. There was a grey version too. I did try to haggle him down a little as I was buying 6 metres of fabric, but he wouldn't budge. In a nice way though!
I stupidly had gotten him to measure the map piece out for me, as he had thought there was only 1.5m left on the roll, but there was just over 2m. Silly me. 
But I really don't care. They are exactly what I have been looking for.

I am gutted I didn't get to Fancy Silks. But to be honest I couldn't even carry any more. 
You should've seen me running through the tube and train station to try and make an earlier connecting train in London. I must have looked like a mad woman.

Just so you know, I made the train! 
And of course, came upon a friend of Mr.G's, all sweaty, breathless and unable to speak or breathe. 

Squeeeee pretty fabric.

Love you Long time x


  1. Such nice things to add to your stash! I absolutely adore the map fabric you found! I would have had to buy that too, had I seen it. =)

    1. Haven't a clue what to do with it yet! A dress of course!

  2. The map theme continues! I love yours as well, reminds me of a cross stitch project I've been trying to complete for years... The China prints are wonderful too.

    1. Finish it! I love china patterns, I was standing there for so long trying to choose!

  3. gorgeous haul. lucky you!

    1. It absolutely amazing! Far outdid London in my opinion!

    2. it really looks like it from all the photos i'm seeing lately.

  4. Hi Emma, it was great to see you in Birmingham.
    I hope you don't mind - but I borrowed one of your photos for my blog-post here: Birmingham Meet-Up: Saturday 15th June 2013? Best wishes, Claire :)


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