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Thursday, 25 July 2013

Hi Guys,

Sorry if you're sick of the sight of me, but this is my my sewcation and I'm feeling inspired!

Today, don't worry I haven't a new make, but I have got a new book that I want to show and tell!

And so I present to you - FASHIONARY

Some of you might have come across these awesome books before. 
For those who don't know, the name 'FASHIONARY' comes from 'Fashion + Dictionary + Diary'. 
FASHIONARY is a sort of Fashion Design Dictionary, Diary, and sketch enabler.

I have decided recently that I want to start learning the art of pattern cutting, and remembered how I used to have a sketchbook as a young teen, where I would sketch clothes whenever I got inspiration. 
I thought this would be a good idea for the present, so that I could try to get my creative juices going again.

Then I remembered that I had come across FASHIONARY a long time ago, and was very tempted to buy one. 
And so I decided it was about time to bite the bullet and do it. 

In the A5 book, the first 34 pages are the Dictionary. 
They are filled with all sorts of things from a Brand Index, to a Bibliography of Fashion and Sewing books, to a Body Measurement section, to Fabric Information & Seams and Stitches.

The remaining 130 pages are the Diary.
On these 130 pages, the 'Diary' has 400 barely visible figure templates (3 per page), to enable faster and more consistent fashion sketching. They are formed of dots, and are barely visible, so you can use the pages as regular pages also, if you like.
Difficult to get a good photo of!

It's really a very inspiring notebook. 

I chose the A5 instead of the A4, as there are only 3 figures per page in both sizes, and you get more figures overall in the A5 size (400 vs 280). I guess it depends on how much detail you want to include on your drawings. Also, its the perfect size for sticking in your bag, for when inspiration strikes.

They do have other memo pads and things you can buy too, and you can download a free pdf of the templates to give them a go. Pretty generous in my estimation.

To see the notebooks in amazing action, check out
I can't believe the detail, and the difference in all of the sketches.

The website is American, but I bought mine from Amazon for about £16.
I know, a bit pricey for a notebook, but sometimes you need to pay for beautiful things.
You can buy them direct with free shipping, but the Amazon price is actually almost the correct conversion.

I'll leave you with some of the book specs!

Emmie xx

(disclamer : I bought this notebook with my own, hard-earned, funds and this is an independent and 
un-biased review)


  1. This is such a cool idea and the sketches on the website are just amazing! How I wish I could draw right now...

  2. I've been tempted to buy one of these for about two years now but never got around to it. Still think they're a brilliant idea though!

  3. I've started to keep notes and little sketches in a book. But this little book is far classier than mine! Could do with some mannequin templates as my drawing skills are soooo rusty.

  4. Every time I think about this, I remember the theme tune to that 80s cartoon Visionaries! But this is such a lovely idea, and seems like money well spent if it can help you track your inspirations :)


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