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Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Hello my dear friends,

I want to firstly thank everyone for the positive comments and support I've been given this year! They have meant so much to me, so I just wanted to say thank you!!

I just wanted to share with you my crazed Christmas present sewing before the big day is over! All items were for my Mam and little sister. They were all made during the lead up the the job interview, and then also when I had got back to Ireland. Thankfully, the original sewing machine my Mam bought me when I was 17 is still there, so I used that. To be honest, although it's a similar beginner machine, I think it's slightly better than the one I'm currently sewing on.

I made them both a pair of Sewaholic Tofino pajama bottoms, both a handbag and my little sis a Kelly skirt. Unfortunately I forgot to take a proper picture of the skirt, but it was yellow cotton drill, and had golden buttons. You all know what a Kelly skirt looks like by now!

Both of the pajamas went down a treat, my Mam was incredulous that I had made them. I hadn't made her anything before this! My sister has hardly taken hers off. They also loved their handbags. The skirt went down well initially, but I think when my sister realised that it hit just above the knee she was less enthused. She's more of a 'barely covering her bum' kind of skirt. I did consider this when I made it, but thought perhaps she needed something a bit more respectable in her wardrobe. If it would've fit me, I probably would've taken it back!

Well, here is some pictorial evidence! Bear with me, as I didn't have the best means of taking photos at the time! The Tofinos first; I can't wait to make my own pair! They looked. So. Comfy, I was very jealous. They were both french seamed throughout - no piping though. I was a bit short for time, and wanted to french seam instead of overlock, so decided to leave it out

Now the handbags. My sister's was made from Cath Kidston canvas fabric that I bought at the bargain price of £6/m about a year ago. Their prices are insane usually - £18-22/m. I don't think so. I made it from a pattern I bought on Etsy from Sweet Pea Totes, the "Hobo Bag". I expected it to be a little bigger, but she adores it. It has an adjustable strap, a magnet clasp and a small pocket inside. I lined it with the canvas, as I had cut out the pieces before I thought about it.

My Mam's was made from Red polka dot canvas I bought in Dunelm Mill, and a thick padded interlining fabric to give it some support. I lined it with the fabric from my Prague Christmas dress, which I thought was a nice touch as I wore it for her birthday. The pattern was hacked from the Hobo bag pattern, but I couldn't even tell you what I did, as I hacked the pattern, and then changed it all as I went along. It was a bit of a modge podge, but it turned out well. 

I had cut out the bag when I started thinking about how to close it. I should've really thought of that first. I could've still put a zip in but didn't consider it until the whole thing was nearly sewn up. I hand picked it in instead, and warned her to go easy on it! She loves it though. She's a red fiend, always drawn to red, and she started using it as soon as she got it which is always a good sign.

The bags were a nice change to make, but dear god they were a nightmare on thread tension. To be honest, I'm not completely happy with all of it, but I was struggling to get anything decent out of the machine. I used regular thread in ine and extra strong on the other, but both were almost as bad as each other. Mam's was especially bad due to the extra thick interlining I think, but I got through it. I will definitely try making it on my Singer next time, as I know it's pretty powerful, and wouldn't blink at a thick lump of fabric. 

So that's your lot! I will definitely be starting in August next year!

But it's all done now. So I can relax and wrap the last few bits.

I wish everyone a wonderful Christmas! I hope you get to spend it with those you love xx

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  1. What lovely gifts! I hope your sister warms up to the Kelly skirt; I think because many stores don't sell above knee skirts, that she isn't used to it. When she realizes how flattering the length is, she'll love it! ;)


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