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Monday, 16 December 2013

Hey Guys,

Some of you might remember that I bought a vintage Singer 201k a little while back (and I swear I intend to use it soon!).

 Well, I could remember growing up that my Mam had a Singer too, with a wheel like the vintage ones. I could picture the box, but not the machine. I knew it wasn't modern but I didn't think it was proper vintage either (from my child memory). And then once she had bought me my first one 9 years ago - 9 years! God, imagine how good I could've been by now! - well, she started to use that one because it had more features and you didn't risk doing yourself an injury every time you needed to get it out. The vintage Singer machines weigh about 20kg, which is why we haven't eaten at our dining table since I bought it.

I was rummaging around yesterday for an old textbook I had, and what showed its face again but the sewing machines box. Of course I had to have a look, and this is what I found...

It WAS a vintage one. I'm such a dope. And when I typed its serial code into the website, it turns out it's actually bloody older than mine!! Hers is 1930, mine is 1937. I lose!

I tried to find the model, and found a useful website that takes you through step by step questions about the placement of dials, and the placement of the bobbin and other features and I think hers is a 15-30. But I can't be sure. It's hard to know whether it was originally motorised or if it was added later. It's definitely not the original base and case, because they look pretty new and pine-y. Mine looks old and so does the case so hers must have been swapped out. Or maybe it was in a treadle originally?

Who knows I guess? Dad said it came with its manuals, but they aren't in the base anymore, and I know they bought it in the local secondhand store. But when I say secondhand, it was proper vintage secondhand. I remember wandering around all the old furniture when I was a child. They had tons of furniture, and a collection of porcelain dolls that I loved. I collected them too when I was young, and had a decent collection, but now I find them a bit creepy! I need to find out from my Mam if it closed down yet... I know they reduced the shop size, but there were still there for a long time. They used to have the most amazing Dolls house in the window at Christmas too.

Christmas makes me nostalgic :)

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  1. vintage singers are so pretty! i would have it out for decoration! my mother in law has a lovely one. if my sewing room plans ever come to fruition i might consider getting one as the stitches are so beautiful! would probably upgrade my machine first though. (and bbrrrrrr to creepy porcelain dolls!)


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