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Thursday, 6 February 2014

Hey Guys!

If you hadn't heard already, I'm taking a trip to America this April, which I am MASSIVELY EXCITED about. The whole trip has been planned around going to Las Vegas for the Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly Convention, which I can't wait for :)

Although within all of that excitement is a modicum of STRESS, because I need to make a holiday wardrobe. Who's bright idea was that? My main focus is Vegas, as Viva las Vegas (hereafter VLV) is a massive event, and all of the Rockabilly and Vintage ladies bring their A-Game. And they look amazing in regular day-to-day life, so imagine the level of amazingness.

I will be spending the next 11 weeks or so, sewing up a frenzy. I need a minimum of 4 day outfits and 4 evening outfits. The day outfits could be cobbled together from things I already have, so the major focus is the evening outfits.

I have considered how stressed I get, so I am also going to have a look round some vintage shops in London next weekend. Take the pressure off a bit. I'm willing to spend a reasonable amount, but only for something I love.

So, in a bid to fit the bill of both Vintage and Rockabilly, I decided to start off my wardrobe with a Vintage style, Leopard print dress :) I know I said I was focusing on evening, but I think this is more of a day dress.

This dress is my newest Minerva Crafts make, and is their Animal Print Stretch cotton, which can be found here. I had originally intended this to be a circle skirt, but the cotton turned out to be a lot lighter than expected so I felt that it wouldn't hold up as a circle skirt - so I decided on a dress with a circle skirt. 

I hadn't ordered enough fabric for a full circle skirt to be on the dress, but I got the guts of one!

I used the BHL Anna bodice, and I used this Simplicity skirt pattern as a basis for the skirt, but I got as much width out of the fabric I had as I could. 

I really love how the dress turned out - I did a back neck adjustment on the pattern of 3/8" as per Sonja's tutorial, and it's definitely better, but I could possibly do with tweaking out a tiny bit more. I also shortened the bust pleat by 1", as I noticed that they had been coming up over my bewbs. Clearly, this shouldn't be the case! I also ended up taking more out of the waist, I think because the cotton has stretch it had more give.

Anywho, I love it! May all the rest of the wardrobe some together as clean and easy. This really is my easy TNT pattern now. My first one!


  1. it's lovely. your trip sounds so exciting! you could totally evening that up with a fluffy underskirt (red would be cool!) and heels. gertie has a crinoline tutorial you could use.

  2. Oh Vegas sounds brilliant - great dress hun, and I shall enjoy reading about your other holiday-wardrobes makes as they come to fruition.

  3. Love this Emmie! Perfect for Vegas but also very wearable here

  4. This dress is perfect for your trip! You could dress it up for the evening as well as the day.

  5. Oooh! How fun! coming over to this side of the pond!! ;-) The trip sounds amazing and I'm sure you will have loads of fun. Good luck on the wardrobe - this dress is a great way to kick it off. It looks amazing!!! Can't wait to see more.

  6. Fabulous Emmie! Please take loads of photos in Vegas so I can live vicariously?!

  7. Lovely dress. I can see pairing with brightly colored accessories!

  8. Just think of all the times people will say 'what a lovely dress' and you'll be able to say 'I made it'. This dress has worked out so well. It's great Emmie.

  9. I love it! This dress could easily transition to evening with a petticoat, heels, a bright belt and a slick of red lippy. :)

  10. This is gorgeous!! And off I go to look at the fabric... Lynne ;)

  11. Love this on you! I eally like the Anna bodice with that fuller skirt! Pretty! I think it will fit in very well in Vegas... :)

  12. Love the leopard print on you, it really suits you. Wear more!! And, this dress with the circle skirt is lovely. How lucky you get to go to Vegas!! I've never been, looks like fun.


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