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Thursday, 3 April 2014

Hey Guys,

I'm stumbling at the final hurdle. I'm coming to the end of my Holiday sewing, and I'm running out of stamina.... I'm starting to fall

I'll give you a quick update on where I'm at from my previous post: -

A tropical circle skirt - awaiting a buttonhole, button and hem DONE

A sweetheart neckline top - awaiting strap attachment (already sewn up) IN PROGRESS THIS SECOND

A pair of shorts - awaiting buttonhole and button ABANDONED

A floral heavy cotton sleeved Elisalex with a circle skirt - awaiting zip DONE, BUT HEM DROPPED SO HAS BEEN RE-MEASURE & RE-TRIMMED AND AWAITING RE-HEMMING

A teal Duchess Satin Anna with a circle skirt - awaiting most parts. It's currently overlocked and darts and pleats are sewn. FINISHED MAIN SEWING, HEM DROPPED SO AWAITING MEASURING, TRIMMING, APPLYING HORSEHAIR BRAID AND HAND SEWING HEM 

A vintage pattern in Navy Bengaline - awaiting bodice/skirt attachment, sleeve hem, skirt hem and side zip. I think I'll have to shorten the skirt too. DONE DONE DONE

A pair of navy Bengaline shorts - cut out ABANDONED

A blue circle skirt - cut out DONE 

have also made another swing skirt and another top. Back is gaping around the buttonholes so may need hooks/eyes.

Factor into this I'm working tomorrow, I have to go to an all day (if you want) barbeque Saturday to say goodbye to my friend who is moving to Scotland while I'm away, and we have a concert on Sunday in London, and we need to go up early to sort out currency exchange.

Thankfully we have Monday, but... seriously. I'm not sure this is achievable. But it has to be. There is no try. I will not be at that BBQ at noon, no way possible.

Or I'm going to be sewing on the plane. Do they let you on with needles? They did before....

The teal dress is my major panic... And it's the most important...

I better go


  1. You can do it!! I have faith in you :)

  2. Good luck - you might need to sleep on the plane :)

  3. Several Christmas's ago I knitted a couple of baby cardigans and had to finish them on the plane. I took the ends of my needles and tucked them under the wires of my bra. Then I placed a tapestry needles in the waistband of my undies and wore a metal belt buckle. I didn't even make the metal detectors go off and the staff on the plan didn't wink an eye at me knitting and sewing on buttons. It wasn't an international flight though. Good luck!!

  4. ozzyblackbeard4 April 2014 at 19:36

    Oh, good luck! I wouldn't worry too much about the hand sewn hem though. Machine it, and you can always hand sew it later at your leisure. I bet nobody will ever notice! Lynne


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