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Sunday, 23 March 2014

Hey Guys,

(You've been getting the vintage - now here's a peek of the ink, haha)

I'm gonna start drip-feeding you my holiday wardrobe as I do the finishing touches :)

This may be a part of my Holiday wardrobe, but I'm still as of yet undecided...

These are the Rite of Spring shorts by Papercut Patterns. I've been dreaming of these shorts ever since Lauren over at Lladybird made them, and I've been perving on that blog post ever since! There may have even been communal perving with Clare over cocktails, haha

I do want to state now, that as much as I am unsure about this particular pair of shorts, I still love the pattern. I want to show off the pattern in it's best light so I have chosen the most flattering photo's to begin with (but I will show you my issues at the end).

Weird bum crease, eh? I had zip issues so its either that or I'm photo tensing, haha

Now I'll explain to you my reasoning behind whether they are going to come to the US with me.

By the way, this is my first time using piping, and I LOVE IT.

I used this as my wearable muslin, and used a heavy Denim that I had gathering dust in the form of my first solo-skirt. Now, the pattern does specifically say not to use anything to heavy, but I figured, in my infinite wisdom, that something heavy would hold me together a bit better. The only thing I try to disguise is my stomach, and I thought something light would cling quite badly.

(Lots of Bum coverage)

Turns out that heavy denim doesn't quite work. Turns out it isn't the most comfortable thing to wear in the form of this sort of pattern. Especially with such a bulky crotch seam! And turns out it doesn't disguise an unflat stomach as much as I would have hoped. 

Also, I need to ask you guys - I know nothing about crotch curves. Or crotches in general. Is there any way that you can avoid creases at the crotch if your thighs meet in the middle (as opposed to having a thigh gap).
I have no issue with my thighs, but it is one of the reasons that I very rarely wear trousers in general. 
Camel-toe is not a flattering look on anyone.

I will show you some photo's that begin to explain my unflattering predicament (but bear in mind are no where near the most horrendous ones I took)



So... help?

I'm going to try it out in a stretch cotton that I have. It has stretch and a tropical print, so may help with the tummy disguising? Thoughts?

Is there some sort of crotch curve adjustment that would help?

Or should I just buy some control pants and walk around like a cowboy?

Emmie x


  1. I have no idea how to fix your fitting issues. I think they look pretty good. It is a really hard shape to wear. High waisted short shorts forget about it. I would try your busy printed fabric and hope that hides most sins. That photo on the side with your knee up looks really pin up esque. Great pattern.

  2. House Of Pinheiro23 March 2014 at 08:28

    This pattern is adorable.. I'm a big fan of short shorts. The crotch crease is because you need to increase the crotch length. It's too short on you

  3. I have no idea and would trust Rachel. I think they still look cute but if you're not comfortable, you're not comfortable!

  4. Hi Emmie, I have been following sewing blogs for a while but have not commented until now! I made these shorts last year and had the same problems including the weird crease at the back. I'm determined to make another pair this year and perfect them. I love Lauren's too. By the way I think your blog is one of the best and really funny. Xx

  5. I'm glad it's not just me! and thank you so much, you have no idea how much that means to me xx

  6. I know! Argh! Maybe I should size up for a more skimmed fit? I sized down based on finished pattern measurements..

  7. ok.... may have to get you to help me at the next meeting!

  8. I think that's what I'm going to do, maybe in the next size up...

  9. ooo you little pin up you! That's a great outfit! I think they look pretty good to be honest, especially for a first pair. I'm afraid I can't offer any crotch curve words of wisdom, it's supposed to be my thing to master this year but I haven't made a start yet!

  10. Cute shorts.
    When there's a crease in any garment, you need to add some room. I've recently had to add more room for my bot and had to drop the curve to. Gravity gets you over time but I know that I can adjust any pattern with some 'room'.
    I can send you some info from 'the big red book if you want it:)

  11. I like short shorts. I love the way those are styled..:)

  12. I like short shorts. I love the way those are styled..:)


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