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Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Hello All!

I am back from what was an absolutely awesome weekend, and I have finally had enough sleeps to tell you all about it! I swear, I've been asleep before half nine the past two nights :)

So, in case you were totally oblivious to the Instagram frenzy, a big bunch of Spoolettes (and of course, many of them Minerva bloggers) took the long journey up north to visit the craft Mecca that is the Minerva craft centre! 

First of all, I had to travel up to London on Friday night, and join Clare and Sally to meet Christine Haynes in Raystitch. Unbeknownst to us, Fiona and Roisin turned up too. We're like magnets to each other! Christine was so sweet, and I finally got to meet Tilly too - who was also lovely. Raystitch have a beautiful back patio, and it was glorious to stand in the sunshine and sip cocktails. Unfortunately, we had to leave all too soon, as we had an incredibly early start (*cough* 4.30am *cough*).

Thankfully Clare had the wherewithall to organise with Sally to book a minicab to pick us up at 5.30am instead of us trapsing around the tubes at that unholy hour. I have never been so grateful. We met Alison and Nicole at Euston, and drowned out tiredness in a welcome cup of coffee. We may have also picked up some treats for the journey. (AHEM pain au chocolat...)

In all honesty, the journey passed so quickly with all of us so excited. I'm sure the other people in our carriage were silently cursing us.

We arrived at Darwen at 10.12am and as Minerva is right outside the station, we got to get in on the action instantly. We were met at the door by Phil with glasses of Buck's Fizz, and got a sneak peek at the incredible warehouse while we abandoned our bags. Next time I'm gonna get a better look!

I spent AGES wandering about the centre, admiring the colour organised fabric. Who doesn't love that?

 Courtesy of What Katie Sews
Courtesy of What Katie Sews

I had one of those overwhelmed moments, it was hard to see the wood for the trees! I've never seen so many crafts in one place, from fabric and knitting, to Proggy and needle felting. Amazing.

After watching Karen's awesome talk, I decided to get myself booked onto one of the workshops. It would be dangerous to spend too much time near the fabric! As I had always wanted to make covered buttons, I decided to join Clare-Louise's covered button necklace workshop.

Courtesy of What Katie Sews. (Little Glimpse of Drew and his Cute baby boy)

And it blew my mind! I love covering buttons!
It uses up every tiny scrap of fabric you have, which of course is brilliant.

Me, instagramming! Courtesy of Nicole Needles

I ended the day buying one of those button covering tools. So awesome, and so much cheaper than I thought! I hit a massive wall during the class and got very wobbly (think my blood sugar had plummeted) so I don't have a finished necklace to show for myself yet. I had an egg sandwich instead - but it was for the best.

After the workshop, we all gathered to listen to Elisalex and Victoria from By Hand London speak about their experience starting their company. I've known the girls for a little while, and it was awesome to hear how it all started, and what their day-to-day work life is like. To be honest, it sounds awesome to me!

After their talk, I decided to make some final decisions on some fabric that I had my eye on. But out of the corner of my eye I caught sight of a bolt being carried through the crowds. I proceeded to stalk the bolt, and decided to ask the man carrying it what the price was before I wasted anymore time!

At £6/m there was no way that I was leaving this piece behind. It is the most un-me fabric on paper, but I love it. Its drapey (nope). It's satin (nope). It's a digital print (nope). It's electric green (nope again!)

But I f**king love it. 

I just need to figure out what to make with it... I'm thinking maybe a Midsummer's Night Dream for the Summer? There's nothing else I can think of. Either that or a one shoulder Burda pattern I have. Not gonna be entirely vintagey but I got go where the fabric takes me.

About 3.30pm we were all pooped and needed a little rest before the evening's festivities. And of course the heavens were opening, so we skedaddled to the hotel, and had a little rest before getting ready.

I was the last one ready due to some uncooperative hair, but thankfully it all came together, and I managed to get out just in time! Me and my dress weren't in love until the moment I put it on - but now we are soulmates. I felt awesome as soon as I put it on, and I don't regret a second of work that went into it.

We had a drink before we left, but I was so distracted by the beautiful girls and their dresses that I ended up having to down half a glass of red. Ulgh. Waste not, want not.

Let us proceed to the dresses. I'm gonna do a separate post on construction as this post is already mega long and eating up all your data :) Also known as, warning - more pictures!

 Courtesy of What Katie Sews

Doing our best Rachel - She was with us in Spirit! Although there was a funnier pouting one!

Courtesy of What Katie Sews
Courtesy of Nicole Needles
Courtesy of What Katie Sews

A photographer took our photo as we arrived at Blackburn Rovers FC for dinner in a VIP box :)
I never noticed the red carpet!


 Courtesy of What Katie Sews
 Courtesy of What Katie Sews
Courtesy of What Katie Sews

I think these pictures describe the evening better than I could! We ate till we were bursting and danced till our feet fell off. Perfect.

Thank you so much to Vicki and to the rest of the Ormerods for their hospitality and for the day itself.
We all had an awesome time, and look forward to when we meet again!

I'm ready for bed again!

Emmie xx


  1. Indeed the Minerva Crafts Meeet-up was so awsome! After seeing your pictures of the party in the evening I am jealous I was not there too..
    Your dress was superb! How was it work with that sequinned fabric! Love it myself but always steer clear as I think its a pain to work with!

    Good see you again!

  2. It was a perfect weekend, and your dress was gorgeous. It photographs so well! We have to find an excuse to do it all again.

  3. Your dress is glorious and I want to shamelessly steal the idea!

  4. Charity Shop Chic18 June 2014 at 10:03

    What an EPIC day! Your dress was perfect and I am in awe of the hard work that went into it. You looked fantastic :)

  5. Sew Little Time18 June 2014 at 15:38

    Aawww amazing day! Your dress looks fabulous and i'm so sorry I missed it!

  6. Lovely to see all the photos and the dresses in situ. Party time!!!!

  7. Excellent post! It looks like everyone had the perfect time. Sewing buddies are the best ; )


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