Sequins freakin everywhere...

Thursday, 5 June 2014

Hey Guys,

So if you have peeked at my Instagram recently, you might have noticed that there are a lot of pink sequins floating around recently. And believe me, there are sequins on the floor, on the couch, the cushions, tracked through the house... I woke up the other morning and there were sequins stuck to my skin.

SO, the reason that I'm making this long awaited creation, is because we are going out for a fancy meal at the Minerva Crafts meetup on the 14th of June, and they gave us a little challenge....

Of course, a fancy meal deserves a fancy dress!

I fell for this fabulous sequinned lace.


How amazing is this??

I couldn't find anything else that grabbed me that hard, but I was terrified to touch it!

So I have been diligently clipping sequins and underlining, and hand basting and thread tracing and everything else this fabric deserves! Aside from that there has also been some pattern hacking, muslining, draping...

And believe the people when they say that anything with sequins takes 3x longer.

Oh, and my finger is numb from using my snips (I gots nerve issues)

I hope you guys enjoy seeing all the beautiful dresses when we do our reveal on the 14th!

I , in the mean time, need to finish up (and find/buy a garment bag!)

Emmie x


  1. Wow, beautiful fabric. Can't wait to see everyone's frocks

  2. Lovely fabric choice Emmie. I can see why you fell hard for this lace.


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