Since when is Yellow, Mellow?

Monday, 26 May 2014

Hey Guys!

I swear we are going to finish up on the holiday wardrobe sometime in the next month! Nah, I think it's only one more after this, but I want to make a change to it before I'm happy to take pictures in it!

This is another simple circle skirt, but it taught me a few things!

Firsty, it really shows the length difference that comes from different width fabric (if you are going to cut the skirt as a full circle!). In truth, this skirt is my minimum length for skirts - and really in some ways I feel like its very short on me. Strange how you get used to a certain length! 

Secondly, it taught me about fabric choice! This one feels even stiffer than the black one. I didn't actually end up wearing it while we were away (probably because I bought more clothes that I was more excited by!). 

You may remember this fabric from the skirt I made my sister a year ago (only because it's a pretty memorable yellow!), and it's going to come up again here shortly, in what has become more than a muslin! 
The future one is almost what I had imagined making out of this fabric for the trip, but ran out of time so I'm glad it's coming to fruition.

Thirdly, I learnt that some fabrics definitely should be prewashed. I was strapped for time, but I it could definitely use being softened up, and perhaps a few runs through the machine would help. Never looks as bad in my pictures I've found!

Not many people do, but I really love yellow!

Going from picture to picture, I'm not sure if the hem is completely sqwonky or if it's just the folds being stiff as hell. Levelling a hem is a nightmarish task though. 

That is why the last holiday item may take more than a week to get up here. It needs revising majorly, and not even in the way you'd expect.

Fourthly, I learned that you should probably interface a stretch cotton waistband. Look at me cutting corners all over the bloody shop. The waistband was cut curved (in a good way!). 
I can't remember if it was intentional or an accident but I used it to my advantage. However, because the fabric was stiff I decided not to interface it. Plus I find it such a mind numbing job. However, I ended up having to move the button on the waistband because of the stretch, and the buttonhole is gaping open because of the stretch.

To be honest, all of the issues are button related, and the main part of the waistband is A-OK.

The last thing I think I've learnt, is that I'm not 100% sure if I like circle skirts as much as I thought I did when I didn't have any. It's just a lot of fabric - not to buy, just to manage getting around the place. I keep getting tangled in my bags and things when I'm moving around, it's a nightmare trying to straighten myself out sitting down on the train, or even at the dinner table.

And they always come up way shorter at the back sitting down than you think they are, and I bloody hate the backs of my legs sticking to chairs.

So I think, I'm going to be looking for a flared alternative. Maybe a half circle. Maybe go back to my old Simplicity pattern. Maybe a Sewaholic Hollyburn type gored effect (just not sure how I feel about a deam up the centre front). I guess we shall find out.

So there's your lot.

When I finish up on the next dress, I swear there's enough left for another skirt. 

It's the fabric that keeps on giving.

Little secret? This hair was left over from the NYLON meetup the previous day.
I was so tired when I got home, I just got into bed with my fringe still up!

Hairspray for the win!

Emmie x


  1. This skirt is amazing! I love yellow, just no where near my face!

  2. English Girl at Home27 May 2014 at 20:22

    Love the color! It looks great with your scarf. Looks perfect for a spot of dancing:)


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