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Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Hey Guys!

The next on the Vegas line up is my Floral Elisalex :)
This is my first Elisalex with sleeves, and I really love them! 
I had already worked on the bodice fit before, with my Gingham version, so I was confident about that part.
For the skirt I drafted a circle skirt, for a bit of that 50's swing :)

The fabric is a floral Piqué - sort of a waffle textured woven. I found it on Goldhawk road, in one of their 5m lengths. It was in the pile with all of the stretch cottons, and I fell for it. There was a wobbly moment when I was about to start this dress - I think it was possibly the cream background - I was nervous about how it would look against my skin but I'm glad I pushed through now!

I'm like a broken record in that respect.

These photo's were taken before we went on holiday, I was trying out different jewellery and hair flowers. I had bought a range of bits and pieces on eBay, including the Lucite bangle and necklace.

I had intended for the dress to be a night outfit, but everything got reshuffled and I wore it in the day on Friday. 

The one thing I noticed after I took these photo's, was that the hem of the skirt had fallen and was wonky as hell. And I mean WONKY. I seriously can't believe how much a hem can fall on the bias. We're talking like well over an inch. I think it was getting close to two in places (although my addled brain may not be right).

I put in a lapped zipper, I think this one was actually my first, and it went in well, but I think I redid it once. It wasn't quite covering the zip enough for my liking. I think I will consider putting a hook and eye at the waist seam in future, as that's where the extra tension is, that pulls the fabric away from the zip.
This zip wasn't handpicked, but I did get some metal zippers for my Vegas dresses to give them a bit of extra special specialness :)

I really like how it looks here with the petticoat here, but after I redid the hem, it was just too short for this petticoat. I used to like the peeking petticoat look, but either I changed my mind, or I only like them under certain dresses. I think perhaps if the fabric was heavier, or held its own shape more it may have been okay.

I decided to see how it would look out on that dancefloor - you know, the one I never made it out on.
But you know, we gave the lessons a go. With a tonne of other people, so it was difficult to see the instructor. Unfortunately, I'm an eager learner, and Mr.G is a careful learner and we learn at different rates. Which leads to frustration on both sides! We have bought some learner DVDs so hopefully we will be experts by the time we get back there.

Which leads me to my favourite picture of all!

I also really like those shoes, but they are just a smidgen too small. It was one of those situations where you are find the first pair in your size, and the next colour in the size up, and then the bigger size end up being a hell of a lot more comfortable! I hate when that happens, as I am sort of between sizes but I don't like sizing up if I can help it. With the ankle strap I probably could have afforded to. Oh well.

I'll leave you with a pic of how I wore it on the day :)

Almost the same, but new sandals and a different flower :)
Unfortunately we left the good camera at home by accident (we did remember to pack the charger!) so I have to apologise for some of the Vegas photo quality!

Emmie xx


  1. Sew Little Time6 May 2014 at 16:58

    this is so pretty emmie! i love the print with your skin tone - it really suits you! i think you could get away with an underskirt maybe in a paler colour so it won't be so in your face! gertie has a tutorial for a crinoline which might work?

  2. It's so pretty :) I think the colours look beautiful against your skin tone, and gorgeous day or night :)

  3. Beautiful! I love the dancing shots!

  4. I have to say Emmie, everything you make comes out absolutely beautiful! From the fabric you pick out to the patterns you use. They are always sewn with perfection and adjusted for the perfect fit. This dress is just one more example of the time and care you put into each garment you make. Very nice job!

  5. Wow Joe, thank you! That is one of the biggest compliments I've ever gotten...

  6. Gorgeous Emmie! This print really suits you, I'm glad you didn't give in to your wobble! well done for conquering the lapped zip too, I've never tried and it's become one of those things that you build up to be difficult in your head!

  7. Oh so pretty. And testament to the fact that you shouldn't go on old views that state what colours we should and shouldn't wear. I think it looks so good on you BECAUSE of the pale background! x


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