Flashback: Less Sewing, More Crafting

Sunday, 24 May 2015

Hey Guys,

I didn't get a chance to show this off back at Christmas, because I'm one of those people who makes gifts and then wraps them instantly. Without of course photographing it first. Dumb, eh?

Well when I went home last month, there it was hanging out in my sister's room so I took the chance to finally get some sneaky pics!

So, for those of you who have not come across one of these before in a twee gift shop, it's a memory board (or inspiration board, if you will). You can stick all your bits and bobs behind the ribbons (they're nice and taut to keep all your sewing inspiration pictures and scraps of fabric, etc, in full view in your sewing space.

Believing I had ALL the necessary materials (bar some wood), I thought - perfect Christmas Gift, SIMPLES. Cheap cheap.

I did of course end up re-buying almost all of the bloody materials again. Thought I had wadding - didn't have enough. Thought we had a staple gun - didn't have staples. Thought I had the material - found a nicer one in a shop, and needed backing. Thought I bought the right colour ribbons - decided I only liked the pink. Had to go buy more pink. Couldn't decide which colour pins - bought three colours. Bought tacks for the back - didn't use them as they were too long.

See what I mean? Bloody hell.

In actual fact, for all my haphazardness, it turned out pretty nice! And not very difficult at all!
The ribbon spacing could have been a bit more even on one side, but that's what you get when you use your eyes and not mathematics. There should really be some way to hang it up, but I didn't get that far. I think I was worried about ruining all my good work! My brother was supposed to help in that regard after Christmas I think, but clearly it didn't get that far.

All that matters is that she was happy! I also whipped up a simple make up bag to match. And if anyone remembers, I used the fabric to whip up a sewing machine mat for Winnie too! Only scraps left now, glad I got full use out of the piece!

I still have a big piece of MDF left. I was going to make a big one for me! I have a small one from John Lewis that I bought in a sale, but bigger is always better!

Do you guys ever make presents thinking you've got everything, and it'll save you lots of money??

Emmie xx


  1. Very pretty! You did a beautiful job.

  2. This has inspired me to make one of my own! What a pretty and functional thing to make :)

  3. Oh I've lost so much money making presents for people! It's just that everything needs to be perfect and brilliant quality...That £3/m Jersey for me is substituted for the £18/m Jersey for my best friend...it adds up very quickly...


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