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Friday, 8 May 2015

Hey Dollface,

What have you guys been up to lately? I've been getting caught up in the show 'Bomb Girls', which is based in a WWII bomb factory in Canada. The clothes are amazing, and are giving me loads of inspiration; especially after going to the 'Fashion on the Ration' exhibition with a bunch of Spoolettes a few weeks ago.

Today I bring you one of the latest offerings from Tilly and The Buttons, the Arielle skirt. I tested this pattern for Tilly, so this was made up a while back. There are some cool features in this little skirt, but of course I made some silly mistakes!

The first and most obvious mistake I made was to cut out the front wrong. I gots the overlap the wrong way around. Whoopsie.  
I don't think that matters though! Looks just as good either way to me. I used the remainder of the black cotton twill/drill from my Rigel Bomber. Haven't worn them together yet, haha. It didn't work out too bad, but it crumples like a bitch. Standing room only!

I used some of the awesome anchor buttons I got from the tailor. I think the buttons down the side are a lovely feature.

I was a little worried about using the buttons because they have a deep looped back and I was concerned it may pull on the underlap and possibly rip through the fabric over time, so I faced them with some green cat eye buttons from the stash.

It really worked a treat. They feel super secure now and they sit great. As well as ripping through, I was concerned they might distort how the underlap would sit but no problems now!

I started off making the full length version, but I realised I was a bit short in the wonky piece of fabric I had left. And seeing as I was at sewing club without any other project, I had to make do! I've never been left with such tiny scraps of fabric. So I think this ended up about 7cm shorter than full length. Another mistake by Emmie! But I seem to have this fluke of accidentally hemming things to the right length. So YAY mistake!


So all in all, a nice black skirt! Nothing as awesome as Tilly's promo pictures though - I love them! The way the colours pop is so amazing. Nothing bad about a wardrobe staple though.

So plans for the weekend... I am having a wardroble clear out. Like a serious one. I promise I am. 
I'm seriously sick of opening a wardrobe full to bursting and not being interested in anything I see. I've been hoarding clothes for a stupidly long time. You will see me on an episode of 'The Hoarder Next Door' at some point in the future. Sitting, waiting for the avalanche in the middle of a precariously filled room.

And here, as a little outtake treat, is my favourite broken doll photo from the set :) What is going on with my legs? Crackerjack

So, how are you guys feeling about your wardrobes these days? Are you finding they're coming together or falling apart?

Emmie xx


  1. Great skirt. I'm trying to keep to a one in one out on my wardrobe at the moment!

  2. Lovely. With everyone else I did the Marie kondo thing on my wardrobe about 6 weeks ago and I honestly don't miss a thing! It feels great

  3. Doing me-made-may is making me see that a few sold colour makes are just what I need - a neat black skirt for one! It looks really slick. Jo x

  4. Very beautiful, looks perfect with the dots on your Shirt, greetings Michaela

  5. It looks the perfect length, so definitely Yay to winging it! I love the buttons and am so glad that facing them has made them work..I bet you wear this a ton, even if it crumples as it looks so good on you.
    I'm wardrobe culling too, (Marie Kondo inspired as well, I'm another member of that particular herd!) and it is liberating! I do need more solid garments to act as anchors as I do seem to get distracted by a good print!

  6. Lovely. With everyone else I did the Marie kondo thing on my wardrobe about 6 weeks ago and I honestly don't miss a thing! It feels great

  7. Lovely skirt! I was just thinking I need to do a wardrobe cull soon myself. I need to make more room for me-mades!

  8. Your skirt is lovely, and I will be cutting out my own version today, as soon as I've finished drinking my tea! I can definately see how easy it is to get confused with the pattern pieces. I'm thinking of marking my right sides with post-its, but I really don't think it matters which side the buttons are on - both ways look great.


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