Handbag Hangover

Saturday, 13 April 2013

Hi everyone!

Does anyone remember my post about my lack of self control tied in with my OCD purchasing?

hmmmm well it might have happened again.

This story begins about a month ago, when I went to that Lindy Hop dance. I realised when I was at the dance that in all my focusing on vintage style clothes (and furniture), I had somehow overlooked vintage handbags. My friend lent me some money that night and I purchased my first at the little stall.

Unfortunately I let that purchase spark a craving inside of me for a new collection... and at lunch a couple of days ago my friend realised what I'd been doing, and asked how many I'd gotten so far. 

I went back through my eBay.

12. 12!!

In less than a month!!

Now granted, they were off eBay, and I got massive deals on most of them, but 12 handbags in a month is still a considerable amount of handbags.

I also don't have room for them anywhere. I think I might have to go through my older handbags and eBay some of my unused 'modern' bags. 

So who wants to see them?

Bag one I think everyone has seen before!

Bag 2!

Bag 3!

Bag 4! 

Bag 5!

Bag 6!

Bag 7!

Bag 8!

Bag 9!

Bag 10!

Bag 11!

Bag 12!

And that's it!!
To be honest I did actually restrain myself somewhat! and the eBay iPhone app is evil!
Every time I go on I find something else! Although I do have limits, I love when they start at a couple pounds! Gone are the days when I think dropping £50 on a handbag is okay. I did have that mentality a long time ago.

I love how they all make me feel so much more authentic in my vintage look. And the fact that they all have a history with someone else. Most are in almost perfect condition, and the others need a small bit of cleaning up, but then they should be good as new!
Which one is your favourite? Number 12 is the most recent and its my favourite this minute! and the hardest to match! I can't believe it took my this long to start my collection..

Lots of Love,

Emmie xx

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  1. Oh wow I LOVE the first one! I am the same haha, everytime I go on my ebay app on my phone I buy something lol especially during the night! xx
    Gemma ♥ | Miss Makeup Magpie


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