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Thursday, 25 April 2013

Hi All :)

I just wanted to do a little spin-off of my sewing meetup post! A few months ago, I joined in House of Pinheiro's International Craft Swap.

I was matched with Lizzy of Sew Busy Lizzy, and was delighted and devastated at the same time! She is such a good sewer (ist?), and I felt like I wasn't up to scratch, but I decided that I would use this opportunity to increase my sewing skills. I didn't want to let myself down!

At this point I had only made a skirt and dress in my Thrifty Stitcher classes, and another skirt at home.  I felt a little behind in my sewing learning, as I had waited until I had amassed all the bits and pieces I needed to really do it properly before I really got into it. That, and I felt like I wanted to increase my background knowledge on all things sewing before I started. I guess I thought it would help prevent me from messing up so much, but I know that the best way to learn is by making the mistakes!

So I racked my brains as to what to make, I wanted it to be something she would like and would use. Something that didn't look too easy, but that I could make with good clean stitching.

Lizzy said she liked to bake, so I decided on one of the Vintage Vogue apron patterns that I got in my haul. It looked good, had impact, and  it looked simple enough for me to aim for.

I did the yellow one!

I worked on the apron for a few weeks as I didn't want to rush it and make a mess. I wanted to give it a nautical feel, as that was the 'Theme' of the craft swap, so I embroidered an anchor on the pocket. I considered doing both pockets, but I didn't want to run out of time at the end, so I decided that just the one would have enough impact. I had done some embroidery when I was younger, and delighted in buying a range of colours and some embroidery hoops.

I tried to use up my stash, as advised by Rachel, and luckily had some lovely navy fabric left over from the shift dress I had made before. I lined the pockets in a blue satin, and the inside of the apron ties. I thought it looked lovely, and also, I had run out of navy!

I made the shortest length and the smallest size, as I knew Lizzy had a very petite frame and I didn't want the apron to swamp her. I followed the pattern instructions exactly, and although there were some tricky bits to master, I was really happy with the outcome! I learned gathering, attaching interfacing and a facing and patch pockets. I'm sure there was more than that but that's just off the top of my head!

As my mini gift, I got her a Royal Blue nail polish to go with the apron. In case she wanted to paint her nails before she started baking. As you do...

This is the finished product!

I think she liked it!

And from Lizzy I got the most amazing knitted hat. It is seriously a work of art. Its sea green, with an exquisite cream shell/fan that comes around at the edge. Its very Art Deco, I saw it and thought '1920's', and  as someone who doesn't wear many hats (no exact reason - I just don't have many!), I am delighted to say that it fits perfectly and looks adorable!

The Fan is cream in natural light but my sitting room light has blown so am multi-lamping it! Will have to get an outdoor picture when the weather turns again!

I also got these amazing vintage buttons from the 1930's/40's that she picked up for me in Paris. Aren't they amazing? I've travelled so much of France with my family, (about 10/11 summers), but have yet to go to Paris. Bit ridiculous, no?

And they still fit in with the Nautical theme!

All in all a roaring success, I will be partaking again next year! I also look forward to seeing a picture of Lizzy in her apron with a bowl and whisk :)

Love Emmie xx


  1. So glad the swap helped building your skills and confidence x

    1. It really did! I can't wait to get my skills to your level!

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  3. The apron is gorgeous and the anchor so beautifully done - well done!

  4. Love the anchor apron and those buttons are so sweet!


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