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Monday, 1 April 2013

Hi Guys!

Really had to post this tonight, as I was so excited to receive it! 

My boyfriends Mum is clearing out their spare room to redecorate it at the moment, and there is so much stuff to sort through! They came across this adorable silver plated Vanity Table set with a comb, brush and mirror and decided it would be best living on my dressing table! Yay me!

Its so cute, and so so heavy, even though it's only silver plated. The box say that it is from H.Samuel, but no one can remember when it arrived in the house. 

It must be reasonably old though, especially as it had become really discoloured. I tried out some of my silver cloths that I had for jewellery and it shined up really good. I had cleaned up quite a lot before I decided to take a picture, but you can see the idea.. It had a sort of petrol effect. I was surprised it came off so easily as the hairbrush and mirror were completely covered in it.

But after a bit of elbow grease they are all shiny and pristine! Just have to clear some room on the dressing table now!
Here are some more piccies!

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