The Scottie Scenario - Elizalex & Simplicity K2588 smoosh

Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Hey Everyone!

Just needed to write up a quick post about my Elizalex dress that I made up last week! I had seen the pattern a while ago, but hadn't really thought it was a shape that I would wear - That was until I saw Roisin and Tara sporting some beautiful Elizalexes at the London Meetup, and of course after meeting the beautiful Elizalex herself! So I hopped online after the meetup and made my purchase.

One of my favourite things about the pattern is the packaging.. It's just too cool.

This was technically a test garment, as I wanted to practice Princess seams - something I'd not come up against before. I also wanted to cut a size and try it out, see what I would tweak to make it perfect. I cut my bust size, instead of doing a bust adjustment (as I was being lazy, and really just wanted to try out making it up). The waist was supposed to be too big, but it ended up ok - who knows how? Lol. Nothing makes sense in my sewing world!

And this is what came out of it!

I had to use a pleated fuller skirt, as my material was quite floppy and the beautiful skirt on this pattern  needs a bit of support! I lined the bodice in a simple cream polycotton. I wanted to get away with not lining it as it was only a trial, but finishing the neck and armholes were going to be a faff so I decided it would  be easier and I think it was! I agree with everyone else who has said how fast this dress comes together!
I used the full skirt from my Simplicity 'Project Runway' K2588. (Which I got at the London Meetup - thanks!). So really its only an Elizalex bodice, but its the best bit.

The material I used... to be honest I have no idea what it is! Its a bit odd really, it has a soft brushed front, and a shinier back, but its quite thick and stretchy. I got it in Walthamstow, at £1.50 a metre, as I wanted some fabric to use while I was still getting to grips with the whole sewing business without breaking the bank. It was an odd shop, with odd patterns on odd fabrics, nothing really made sense but I managed to get a couple bits.
But to be honest, now that its in garment form, I'm really liking it. 

I actually tweaked the pleats so that they lined up with the Princess seams in the front, and tweaked them from pleats to box pleats in the back. Before I began my tweaking I matched up the side seams, centre fronts and back seams and used all of the excess in the pleats - very happy with myself! Its been a problem getting the right fit in skirts recently and I just winged it perfectly. 
I love the scoop in the back, shows off the nice bit without feeling like you're showing off too much skin!

Now there are a few slightly off bits; the front box pleat could be tighter, but there was a random spot on the front of the dress after I made it. It was near the seam so I just trimmed a bit and moved up the skirt a fraction. But i forgot to tighten up the box pleat.The right of the back is also a fraction higher than the left. 

But at the end of the day, only I will notice, and I've been getting loads of compliments about it.
Think it's the striking Doggies!


I'd like to try a smaller size and attempt the bust adjustment (gulp!)
I would like to lengthen the bodice, to see how it would look more on my natural waist, although I surprisingly do like it where it is now - You were right Janene! Speaking of Janene, she just finished her Elizalex too and its beautiful.

Of course I would like to use the actual skirt that it's supposed to have!
And I was to try it with sleeves - never done sleeves! Especially after seeing Tara's beautiful baby blue polka dots, I'm in love.

I had the BF take the pictures - our first photo shoot, and much more difficult than I thought it would be!
That will take practice!

I look like a frustrated 2 year old in this one!

Well, my first solo dress, Hope you like it!

Emmie x


  1. Emmie, I love it! I think you did a super job lining up the pleats with the bodice seams and it fits so perfectly - no wonder you had nothing but compliments! I think it looks amazing on you x

    1. Thanks! I was so inspired by all of yours!

  2. Awww this looks lovely! Love the material. Looks like a really great fit on the bodice too. Oh and cos I love your blog I have nominated you for a Liebster Award - go to my blog to find out what it is. xx

  3. Very sweet dress, lovely version with a different skirt

    1. Thanks! was a bit worried it wouldn't suit it as much as the original!

  4. Emma your dress is gorgeous! Definitely too good to just be a test run, the fit is great. And I love the fabric too - how come I can never find cool stuff like that for £1.50 a metre? And thank you for your lovely comments :)

    1. you're more than welcome! I am seriously considering driving to Whitstable, creating a diversion and running away with your polka dot one!

  5. Your dress is fab! I love the fabric, the scotty dogs are so cheery! And I think the fit on the bodice looks great.

    1. Thanks! I just bought the Victory Patterns 'Madeline' a minute ago, hopefully I will get as much joy out of it as you have!

  6. I love this! Such lovely fabric for £1.50 a metre, and I'm interested to see how the FBA goes - I might need to attempt that!

  7. Ooh this is lovely and I think that may have been my Project Runway pattern (unless there was more than one there of course!), really happy to see you made good use of it!


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