The Holy Grail of Tracing Paper

Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Hi Everyone!

I just wanted to do a quick post on my new tracing paper (although am not sure you can call it paper!) that I got at a car boot fair just over a week ago. I was walking by this stall and saw three rolls lying there.. They all felt slightly different, and all had an almost plastic-coated feeling. The guy said that they were £5 or I could have the 3 for £10. I know, I was tempted, but I have nowhere to store them, nevermind carry them all,

Here's a picture of Mr.G carrying the beast! I think he said there was 48 (meters? feet?) on each roll, but I easily picked the biggest one I think that was a random guesstimation. It looks like it will last a while anyways!

Now I'm so glad I dragged Mr.G back to the stall, as since I've got it home I've realised it has every quality that I want in a tracing paper:

  • Its very see through

  • Its a decent thickness, which means the marker pens I use won't go through to the pattern (like they do on my Burda paper). 

And the best thing - 

  • Because its a bit plastic-y, I can roll my tracing wheel to my hearts content and it doesn't tear!!! I found the last time I used it on the tissue paper it just tore straight through... :( 

My solution to that was taping all of the necessary places with invisible tape.
And I just checked, it rips and tears just like paper. 

Now the only thing that I haven't tried (and am a bit nervous of) is pressing it. But as far as I can see, I shouldn't really need to press it at all. Just roll out, cut a chunk off, trace, cut and I'm away!

Now I haven't actually used it yet, as I'm working with a pdf pattern at the moment but I will let you know when I do....

The Holy Grail of Tracing paper!

For purchase enquiries, please traipse around The Hop Farm Boot Fair on a Sunday in Kent. 
Man with long hair and a white van.
Should be easy enough to find, no?

Emmie xx


  1. Looks like vellum. Nice! You got a great deal on it! And yes, you can iron it. =)

  2. Nice find! I bought a roll off of the web that was dot 'n' cross one side, plain the other - I reckon it will last me for years :)

  3. Hi Emma, I sent you an email this week - I wanted to check if you were still looking to come to my Brighton meet-up on Saturday 18th May this weekend (please can you let me know hun :) )? Clairex


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