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Saturday, 25 May 2013

Hi All,

Just wanted to share the goodies I got last weekend at the Chelsea Vintage Frock!
I took out lots of money when I went (as that usually jinxes me finding something to buy) but I left with empty pockets.. oops :)

I sure as hell didn't go there expecting to find any sewing bits, but I sure was wrong!

First thing I found was some vintage Grosgrain. I had encountered this before, and its so stiff, and perfect to support waistbands. This one was even stiffer, and I was bloody delighted. I bought the whole roll and the remnants of another. That was my first score.

Then on the same stall, I found this lovely fabric. I thought it could be a beautiful Shirtwaist dress so I closed my eyes and asked for the price.... and he said £25 so I snapped it up! There's just over 2 metres so I should be able to squeeze something out of it!

Then I stumbled across this beautiful vintage dress stall, although at £150-£300 they were well out of my price range! But he had some lovely patterns too and I got these two.

THEN I found this little old lady with beautiful notions and lace, and I carefully chose a few bits. I tried to ensure I would use them all, so I spent a lot of time picturing what I could do with it. I thought the lace and Broiderie Anglaise could trim a skirt or waistband to make them more vintage styled. I even thought I could make a press stud waistband with some of them.

She also had some cards of button, so a picked out my favourites of those too! I hate when I want to do a project and I don't have any buttons and she was selling them off cheap!

Happy happy happy.... The OH has told me that I need to stop buying things now and start using them!

(Shhhhh...... also picked up these two patterns on eBay.)
Don't tell!!

Love Emmie x


  1. That's a fabulous haul! The buttons are gorgeous!

    1. thanks, I love them! Really had to resist buying them all!


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