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Sunday, 28 September 2014

Well hello there!!

How are things with everyone?? I've had a lovely relaxing weekend :) 

I was trying to decide what I wanted to start working on this weekend, but to be honest my weight has spiked slightly over the past few weeks (one too many chocolate-orange bars). Unfortunately as that all goes on my waist, I don't want to make something that's going to be too big again in a few weeks when I've copped on and put down the biscuits. 

Therefore, I decided as I was on my own today, I would finally sit down and finally try out the Craftsy class 'Knit Sock Workshop' that I had intending on getting stuck into for a while.

I'm not that far in to be honest, but I'm slightly disappointed at the moment. My reasoning is, I had previously bought 'Knit Original Toe Up Socks', but that class was aimed at people who already knew how to knit socks - but who wanted to branch into creating original sock patterns, so I went back and bought the class for people learning how to knit socks.

But the two sock patterns that are covered in the class aren't exactly basic! One is a colourwork pattern and the other is a lacework pattern with a figure of 8 cast on and toe work up that she admits is tricky. SO apparently you need to know how to knit well first?? Granted I have very basic knitting skills, but seriously, can we not have a class where you are eased in?? I found one of the toe work ups in the second class easier than the first (I remember trying it out when I watched it first).

Anyway, I'm going to look at the second class again, and see if I can use a different toe to begin with so I can at least get into making a flaming sock. Or maybe I'll just watch the class the whole way through so I know the process, and then figure it out after that.

Sorry for the bulk of text, but I've just spent the afternoon frogging sock toes.

But let's move on!

Nicole Needles kindly nominated me in the Blog Hop that's making the rounds, so I'm going to do my best to answer the questions. I like getting to know more about my favourite people, so this is actually a blog hop I like!

What are you currently working on?

See above! Sewing-wise, I have a few things that are floating around. One of the thing's high up on my list is this vintage Blackmore pattern that I have fallen in love with (on the left) :

I've also been inspired by Clare and Heather to sew up McCall's 6696 soon, so I need to get that traced up pronto! I'm going with the pencil skirt option, as I'm moving into slimmer skirts.

Lastly, I want to make a coat. Whether that is going to be a simple coat or a full on tailored affair I have yet to decide, but I need more coats. Unfortunately I can't find/decide on a pattern at the moment. I have some navy blue boiled wool and a turquoise bouclé that are precious to me and I need to wear them soon!

How does your work differ from others in its genre?

This question is a bit self indulgent isn't it?!  very difficult to answer!
I don't think it differ's too much from your standard sewing blog - I make things and I show them to you!
I guess everything I make and wear has some some sort of a vintage flavour to it - not entirely original in this day and age but I do commit to it as fully as possible with hair and make-up etc. Some people can look awesome in a variety of modern styles and vintage era's but I doubt you will see me sewing up anything very modern any time soon. I just feel super uncomfortable in it. Tying in with that, I don't really take part in sewalongs, sewing months or challenges. I have realised that there is nothing worse to me than forced creativity.

 Why do you write/create what you do?

I sew because being able to say 'I made it' is a great feeling! I like the process of picking up the puzzle pieces and putting them together to make something beautiful. I feel like a sponge when it comes to sewing, I feel like I'm always learning something - whether it be in blogs, books, pattern instructions. I love that I'm really understanding clothes. Everywhere I walk, I'm picking up on the different fitting problems of all the people walking past me.

I write because it makes me happy to just communicate with you all! I'm very talkative, empathetic, and a very inquisitive person. I just love getting to know people - Like KNOW them. One of my favourite things to do is just sit and talk to someone for like six hours. Whether we're talking shite or having a full on DMC, I'm happy out :) 

Writing this blog used to be nerve wracking for me, putting myself and my words out there. I'm far more nervous about people not liking my writing than my sewing. For that reason, although they now know it exists, I've still not shown my friends or family my writing, or the blog. Apart from the pictures of course!

How does your writing/creative process work?

Mostly, it's the regular - make something, write about it - type of process. I take my photos and sort all them out first, and then just put my hands to the keyboard and see what comes out. Maybe I should plan them out a bit more, but prefer to read a more organic style of writing myself so I'm sticking to it.

I have been trying to take a few sets of photo's at the same time, but I try to space the posts out a bit. Otherwise there would be 3 blog posts in one day, and then nothing for 2 months! I rarely schedule posts, I tend to write them as and when I have a chance.

I've been trying to do some blog series's - like my Mr. Tailor Man series (although I never wrote up the final haul from that!) and my newer Vintage Guts series where I show the interesting details from the vintage pieces I've picked up.

I'm quite self deprecating - I think it must be the Irish in me. As an Irish person, you can't accept anything without refusing it a minimum of three times. Compliments... a cup of tea... everything. I don't know if everyone realises that the infamous Mrs. Doyle character is every Irish mother I've ever known.

In terms of my general creative process. I think and plan about sewing far far more than I actually sew! I've always been a planner (except for holidays, hate planning holidays). Love a list though. The constant planning over seeing is therefore why I have the size of stash I currently have (and seriously need to downsize somehow). I like to be alone in the flat when I sew, and usually either have some TV series or a music channel on in the background. For some reason, having football on in the background isn't the same - hence the being alone!

Ok, I think I've rambled on for far to long now!

I hear I have to make three nominations? Difficult when this hop has been hopping for so long!

I've had a scope around for people who haven't popped up yet, and I nominate three of the people who put a smile on my face every time their name pops up in my blog reader!
Clare at Sew Dixie Lou , Rehanon at Miss Demeanour is on the Make and Sally at Charity Shop Chic


Emmie xx


  1. Hi Emmie,

    You might find quite useful toe-up sock instructions on knitty or ravelry.

    I taught myself to make toe-up socks (having learnt other methods from my Grandmother), and there was a very good technique that always stuck with me: it uses short rows and I found it quite simple. It also uses the same short-row method for the heel, which makes for a very pretty sock as far as I'm concerned. Ah, here it is, the first method:

    Wrapping and turning makes for a really sturdy and pretty toe/ heel, I suggest you try them - might be a bit frustrating at first but it is totally worth it. Hope that helps!

  2. I'm liking the new blog layout! And yay - I can comment again! (Disqus has never been my friend).

    I admire that you're trying to learn knitting. I haven't yet been truly tempted to learn how myself. Maybe I've just heard too many frustrating stories about it and I know I like the advanced patterns too much to be happy with the beginner stuff. *shrug*

    Love your blog and enjoyed learning more about you! I'm the same way about loving to just sit and talk to someone for hours - that is, if we can find something we have in common to start talking about because I stink at small talk. =)

  3. Loving the new blog layout :)

  4. I have a great book on knitting toe-up socks, it's called Socks From The Toe Up by Wendy D Johnson (I think I might have bought it in This Is Knit in Dublin). I can highly recommend it, and it shows quite a few different cast-on methods. I can also recommend the Mash-Up Magic Toe-Up Socks Recipe (MUMTU Socks) by Zhenya Lavy on Ravelry. Laughed at the Mrs Doyle/Irish Mother bit, I know exactly what you mean - another group of people that need to learn that no means no! Loving the new blog look.

  5. "In terms of my general creative process. I think and plan about sewing far far more than I actually sew!" Yep! Me too! Loved learning a little more about you!


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