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Monday, 29 September 2014

Hello again!

So I just got a virtual facelift! How do you guys like the new style :)

I have been wanting to spruce up my little spot for a while now, but Blogger wouldn't even let me change my colour - nevermind anything else.

I was in the process of getting a new blog design for quite a few months, but it all ended up in disaster, so second time round I was a bit gun-shy to say the least. 

I found Daphne on Etsy and I could tell just by her listing description that we would be a good fit.
I fell in love with her work. She does custom work, but also sells premade social icons and headers (which I also fell in love with. Can I have two blogs??). You can also get her to just do specific things like design your new header if that's all you feel you need. Although I would definitely recommend the whole hog!

She was amazing from the first moment, and made the whole process an absolute pleasure. And I'm not lying when I say that she basically had it designed overnight. Like literally overnight. I was so shocked! 
And she was happy to change every silly little thing, and I never felt like a pain!

If anyone has been thinking about getting their own little spot refreshed, and are on a budget, then I highly recommend Daphne. And there's even a 20% discount in it for you if you tell her I sent you :)

For less than the price of a few cocktails, how could you say no??

Oh, and in the spirit of moving forward, I have opened myself up a Facebook page.

I was trying to figure out where I could show you guys all the awesome patterns I find on eBay, and all the good fabric finds, without making annoying blog posts and without it getting lost in a massive Twitter feed. If you want to see my feed, you can always like the page, and follow it and pick your notification preferences :)
God they really make it confusing don't they!

I think that's enough changes for one day, don't you?

Emmie xx


  1. This looks great. From time to time, I wonder if I should do the same, but had no idea how much it would cost. Good to know it's not too expensive, and worth it too, by the looks of things. I have liked your page on FB. I thought that was enough to see your feed. Do I need to do more than that now?!

  2. Hello. The new design is really pretty. I find centre-aligned text on webpages really difficult to read though.

  3. I was thinking yesterday that I loved the new look! (In fact I like it better than my new look)

  4. It's a great new look - definitely more "you". At some point I will redo my look - been tinkering with it for a couple years but just haven't gotten it to match the vision in my head yet.

    The only thing I find a little strange about your new look is the question mark in the font you're using - ? - it looks like a Y on first glance as I'm reading, which causes my eyes to stumble a bit every time I get to one. (Not a huge deal but thought I should mention it in case you aren't aware.)

  5. What a lovely refresh of your home on the web! Love it!

  6. Looks fab - love the colours. Jo x


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