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Sunday, 15 September 2013

Hi Guys!

I finally (FINALLY) finished my attempt at an Elisalex bodice with a full bust adjustment.
It's been a long time coming, as there were a few delays along the way, but I did post some progress pictures along the way on Instagram and Twitter.

I knew I definitely needed to adjust the bodice when I finished my last Elisalex.
 It fit, but it didn't fit the way it should! I definitely had the "Squished VonBoobies" look. I followed the FBA instructions written up by Elisalex (and by this point I actually understood them!), and did a 5/8" FBA, with another inch added to the bodice length (although next time I think I'll do 1.5"). I think I gave myself a tiny bit extra in the bust than my measurement just for comfort.

But with this comparison photo, even with the bodice just pinned together you can definitely see the improvement! Much more room, and the girls are much perkier, I'm sure you'll agree! The fabric is a blue Gingham (probably polycotton) I got at a market in Rye.

So what happened next was Delay 1. Which I think was pre-washing my lining. But that was easily fixed once I actually put it in the washing machine. Clever, eh?

Once I had the bodice lined I had to attach the gathered skirt FROM HELL.
I put the whole thing together, and then found loads of bits of the skirt that had caught up into the seam. 
Then, upon rectifying each individual bit, I managed to catch other different bits. And upon fixing those I caught other bits. By the time I finished the skirt, with no bits caught up I was fit to go into the garden and set the whole thing alight.

And so Delay 2 happened. Wherein the half-finished dress sat on my dressform for weeks. I did at some point manage to cut out some lining to line the skirt, as I realised it was indecently see-through.

Then it sat there for another while, until I decided to bite the bullet and put the zip in. And I even took the time to hand-baste it first, although really it doesn't take that long at all!

And then yesterday I decided to knuckle down and get it finished before I died of old age.

And to be honest I actually love the stupid thing.

And I'm using my fancy new tripod that Mr.G bought me. It's super cool and I got to use my wireless remote! I used most of the width of the fabric for the skirt and I managed to somehow get the length I had wanted all along! The bodice length does actually look and feel good, but I think I only did a 1cm seam on the bodice/skirt as I knew I needed all the length I could get. Still might add a little more next time so I can do a full seam allowance.

Since taking this picture, I have realised how much lower my right shoulder is.
And this was me trying to not look so wonky! Although I feel stupid saying that with my wonky crossed legs.

I really can't believe how perfect the fit is. I'm definitely gonna be using these pieces as my Princess Seam Block now, and playing with neckline and back variations. But I doubt I will be doing another gathered skirt anytime soon.

I am, however, pretty happy with the skirt in general. It doesn't make me look AS big as I thought it might. I do look quite hip-py, although most of that is actually hip. My hips pop out almost straight after my waist.

The stitching on the hem wasn't my best, as I was more focused on (a) trying to get all the white stitching in the white line of boxes and (b) trying to keep the edge of the skirt a blue box. But at least I managed those two things!

I do however think my next couple of makes are not going to be fully lined, as I want a few nice quick makes! But it does look good. And it was definitely necessary for this fabric. I do however want to escape to the land of folded hems and bias bound hems for a bit. I'll avoid facing-land if I can.

The dress kind of makes me feel like a cross between Dorothy (Damn should've worn my red heels!) and a ballet dancer. And I secretly used to prance around when I was younger (until not that much younger), pretending I was one. So, for your pleasure, some ballet style posing :)

And that's it! I wore it to dinner last night, and it was lovely and comfortable, so I know it will get plenty of wear! Although it may have to wait until the weather is nicer...

I'll leave you with a final pic of me with my regular grumpy.resting.face


Emmie x


  1. Mrs Katrina Maltese15 September 2013 at 19:14

    I love it! I think it'll look quite cool with red shoes :)

    I am really missing my machine at the mo, gotta send it off for repair. 3rd time since March :( starting to get kinda cross.

    I've been spending time sorting my stash, hand sewing & cutting patterns ready for when I get my machine is back.

  2. Aw Emmie, GOOD JOB! I have gained a cup size since I bought my Elisalex pattern so a FBA is top of my sewing to-do for this week, and this has spurred me on even more. You look fab in the gingham too, my darling!

  3. Awh thanks!! Am already thinking it could be an easy Hallowe'en!

  4. Thanks honeybun! Wish I'd finished it in time for the last of the good weather! The FBA is actually really easy!

  5. Looks wonderful Emmie! The FBA has worked beautifully!

  6. That looks great, and the difference in fit between the two bodices is really noticeable. Love your ballet poses!

  7. Looking fantastic, Emmie - the FBA has really helped your fit.

  8. Nice work! Turned out perfect for you Emmie! Beautiful fit.

  9. Oh boy! That skirt sounds like a nightmare! But it was worth it because your dress is gorgeous. The fit on the bodice looks amazing. I'm half way through my first Elisalex, and made a bit of a mess of the FBA, so I cheated and used the front of a princess seam bodice from another pattern! Lynne

  10. Great job my love! Fit looks bloody perfect and I am loving your ballerina poses :)

  11. Sucks that you had so much bother with it but oooh gorgeous! The fit in the bodice looks great - will make sure I take note of this when tackling the pattern.

  12. Amazing job! I can't believe how perfect you've got that FBA! I'd be making up that bodice with every kind of skirt to have a wardrobe full of perfectly fitting dresses if I ever managed a fit that good! You'd make a lovely ballerina too :)

  13. Suprising noticable! You almost dont know how much until you do it!

  14. Thanks! :) feels so much better too

  15. Oh arse. Well second time lucky! I couldn't see anything wrong with your first dress. In fact I was pretty taken with it when we met but after the fba you can totally see how good it looks. Well done!

  16. It is pretty though...even after all that faffing! Glad you didnt set it alight!

  17. Pretty!! You look like a lovely ballerina.

  18. Love the dress! I know what you mean about getting bits of the skirt in the gathers, it happens to me all the time, so frustrating!

  19. This looks gorgeous! can't wait to try an Elisalex.


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