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Saturday, 16 March 2013

Ok, after a short break I'm back!

Have been a very busy girl, between concerts and visiting friends, and my boyfriend stole my camera away for a while, so I want to do a short showreel of all of the sewing patterns that I acquired over the last few weeks!

So remember when I mentioned how I had a self control problem?

Well I've come to realise that I can be obsessive compulsive when it comes to acquiring things. I've begun to call it Obsessive Compulsive Gathering. I like to gather collections of things, such as vintage clothes (and vintage china!) and also for things I need to do, like crafting, so that would mean sewing equipment, etc. I feel like I need to have anything that I may require along the way. And it makes me happy when I gather the things I need/want.

So, following on from that, when I found that Vogue had a sale on patterns after Christmas, it got switched on. All patterns were $3.99, and they usually sold for about $15.99 (and about £15 on eBay) so I got a bit overexcited. I added all the ones that I loved, and seen as you could only ship 10 per order in sale time I chose my favourite 20. Yes 20. But them I realised that it was going to cost me just under $80 (~£53) for the 20 patterns, which was amazing, but that it was going to cost $110 to ship them, which was outrageous!

It would cost $40 to ship them in America, so I called on a wonderful uncle of mine :) And a few months later I finally got my hands on them! (Along with another 3 I bought for $1.88 in the Butterick sale, but I got those shipped to me).

So here they all are, there are some modern with a vintage styling, and a lot of vintage reproductions, which I have no hope of being good enough to make for a very long time yet! I also love how some of them make slightly different variations of the same item. I did have to buy the suit in both size options, as my top half and bottom half require different patterns sizes, but no matter!

Sorry the pictures are all higgldy piggldy, this thing is a pain!

Hope you like them! Which is your favourite??

Lots of Love,

Emma xx


  1. I love V1171 - love the detail on that! Great stash! x

  2. Love them! My mum would be very jealous! I think my favourite is the one for slacks :)


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