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Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Just wanted to let you all know that the Royal Albert Hall was beautiful last night! 

I'm not often in a place of such opulence and grandeur..

Our tickets ended up being for the gallery, of course I had no idea what that meant, but I found out that it was floor 5 (!) in the elevator. Unfortunately I actually found that out on our way back down, as we decided to climb the stairs when we got in. Bad idea!
Although we were up in the heavens, the view was still lovely, and there were not that many people up there so there was quite a mellow atmosphere. Everyone stood in the arches against the ornate gates and there was only a single line of people at each arch. If it had been a concert you wanted to dance to, you had miles of space! But if you moved from the gate you didn't have a view!

The concert was really good, the support (Beth Orton) came on really early, we arrived at about 7.45pm and she was already a decent way through her set. I think Ryan Adams himself played for about 2 hours!
He had to do a fake encore as he didn't want to waste time, think they were giving him indications to wind it up!

The music was lovely, he had a band that I think was put together haphazardly, as he said they had not really played the music before, but it sounded perfect! The only sad thing was he didn't play any of my favourite songs, but thats always a risk! I would've loved if he had played New York, Where the Stars go Blue or his cover of Wonderwall (esp as Noel Gallagher was there! I thought they might have done it together, that would've been unbelievable)

However, maybe he will next time, as he favourited a tweet of mine saying so!

If you ever go in the future, keep in mind that it can get pretty toasty in there! I was wearing thick tights and I was baking the whole way through.. 

Love Emmie x

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  1. <3 Looks amazing bab!

    I've always wanted to go... thanks for the heads up too :D

    Bundana x


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