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Sunday, 17 March 2013

Just a quick blog to show you how I did my hair and make up last night. I was pushed for time, but managed my hair in about 15mins which i think is a record, and it was freshly washed too!

I was invited to go to a Lindy Hop Spring Fling dance, it was sold out but my friend was playing in the band (a 35 piece band no less! I've never seen so many saxophones!). I had been to one of their Lindy Hop dance classes, but due to other commitments, hadn't had a chance to return. I regretted that a bit when I saw everyone up dancing, they looked great! The hours flew by, and we had free Tea/Coffee and yummy cake. All proceed went to a myeloma charity.

There was even some vintage bits and pieces for sale in the back, a few clothes rails, hats, bags, shoes and accessories. I tried to stay away as I had only brought out £2 and my bank card, but my friend lent me some money and I picked up this cute handbag! I realised that I have no vintage handbags at all. How did that happen?

Anywho, I'll let you go! Hope you like the hair :) my first faux bang with a hair rat inside!

Love Emma x

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